Experience Baylor’s history like you’ve never heard it before with a new podcast by Jonathon Platt.
Chances are, Baylor played a crucial role in your story. The energy of game day. Staying up into the night with roommates. Seeing friends on the way to class. Don’t you miss it? Maybe you met your fiancé here, had your life changed here, found your calling here. Maybe you’ve wondered: “How do I get back?”


With his upcoming podcast Behind The Bear™, Jonathon Platt will guide through the pivotal people and periods of Baylor that he thinks deserve to be reexamined and, maybe, given a second chance.

Whether you’ve been a Bear for five months or fifty years, in each new episode of Behind The Bear™ you’re bound to meet a Baylor you never knew.

About Jonathon


Jonathon Platt is your guide in Behind The Bear™, a new podcast on Baylor’s history. Currently a graduate student, Jonathon fell in love with journalism and Baylor during his undergraduate years. He published with the Baylor Lariat, the Baylor Round-Up, Baylor’s Focus magazine, and the Huffington Post, covering topics from social movements and Baylor administrative change to music and Texas pride. As a master’s candidate, Jonathon studies why news spreads and lectures on mass communication. Outside of academics, he is a contributing writer for the Baylor Line and leads the Behind The Bear™ team. Jonathon lives in Waco with his Dalmatian, Penny.

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Jon is the guy to listen to. Thorough, thoughtful, transformative.

Lori Koop,

Jon is gifted with insight, wisdom, talent, and a deep passion for the essential art of storytelling.

Robert F. Darden, Baylor University

Jon tells stories that reveal truth and will capture you with powerful narratives. He works with care and the utmost integrity.

Rae Jefferson, Creative Waco